Comic Book Frames With UV Protection

Anyone familiar with comic books knows that exposing them to sunlight is a no-no. As many of us have awesome books that we would love to show off, this causes a problem.

– “I want to hang my Hulk 181 on the wall but I’m afraid of UV damage.”

-“If only there were a way to display my comic books without worrying about sun damage.”

Some comic book frame companies will provide glass with their frames, but often times this glass is not UV protected. This is where we come in.

Our founder, Dave Music is an avid comic book collector and he understands the need to display beautiful books and protect them at the same time. This is why all of our frames come with UV protection via Mylar top-loaders for the UnGraded Frames, while the graded books are already inside Mylar bags.

So don’t fret! Order your Comic Book Displays frames today and hang up those beautiful books. They come with built in UV protection.



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February 13, 2013 · 2:11 pm

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